Our mission

Alohi exists to make work flow

We provide solutions that deliver frictionless productivity to drive success for people and businesses

Who we are

Surfing smoothly at the heart of frictionless business

At Alohi, we don't just work – we make work flow. We transform every challenge into smooth, seamless solutions. We consider nothing as someone else’s problem, and approach challenges with a conscious spirit. Our commitment is to achieve success through innovative thinking.

Surfing smoothly frictionless business
Our culture

Flowing seamlessly between innovation and simplicity

We're more than a team; we're a community united by our passion for technology, our drive for productivity, and above all, our love for simplicity. We know that in order to go far, we need to go together. That's why we foster a culture where everyone feels belonged, nurtured, and valued.

flowing flowlessly between innovation and simplicity
Our manifesto

Our vision for frictionless solutions

Behind every bright idea, there is a collection of small tasks paving the way to achievement, a collection of small tasks that make work, well.. work. However; these can sometimes feel complicated, slow, and tedious, preventing us from focusing on what really matters.

At Alohi we are passionate about technology and productivity, and more importantly, inspired by simplicity. This is why we are committed to creating solutions that make managing a business feel frictionless. Just like riding a smooth wave. Join us in building a world where information, ideas, and decisions flow without interruption, enabling people to become wholly immersed in what they do, so they can do more of it.

Our commitment

We believe that technology should work in harmony with your needs

Adapting to your unique challenges and aspirations, our suite of products is designed to simplify your tasks and enhance your productivity, so you can achieve more with ease.

Design Excellence

Born in Geneva, we embody Swiss excellence in design and engineering to create products that blend simplicity with high performance. Our passion for UX, and our commitment to people-centricity allow us to create intuitive, and user-friendly solutions.

design excellence
innovative dynamic

Innovative & Dynamic

We are a lean team with a structure and mindset that champion agility and individual initiative. This makes us flexible, more responsive to new ideas, and allows us to iterate fast to meet and exceed the unique and changing needs of our clients.

Trusted Partners

We contribute to and follow the world’s strictest data security and privacy practices and protocols to ensure our client’s sensitive information is always safeguarded and secure. Our customer support is committed to operating with transparency, accountability and care to build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships.

alohi trusted partners

We bridge Swiss innovation to a global network

Our journey

Our origin from Swiss roots to global impact

Alohi started its journey in 2016 when we set about creating an ecosystem of solutions that deliver frictionless productivity to drive success for people and businesses.

Rooted in Switzerland, Alohi is fully bootstrapped with an initial support from the state of Geneva through Fongit (Fondation Genevoise pour L'Innovation Technologique). Since the beginning, we've grown into a global community of over 3 million users, leading the way in streamlining business communications to its users worldwide. With three flagship products, Sign.Plus, Fax.Plus, and Scan.Plus, Alohi has set industry standards for efficiency and reliability with plans to introduce more innovative products in the near future.

Our company name is a harmonious blend of connections. Marrying the 'Alo' greeting from answering phone calls with the friendly 'Hi', and a touch of the Hawaiian 'Aloha' spirit, Alohi symbolizes a warm, welcoming embrace of connection and communication.

alohi brief history

A brief history

Alohi is founded by Founder & CEO Ali Ghasemzadeh
Alohi is founded by Founder & CEO, Ali Ghasemzadeh, with an initial seed funding from Fongit.
Fax.Plus is publicly released to the world.
Fax.Plus is publicly released to the world.
Alohi passes the 100K users milestone.
Alohi passes the 100K users milestone.
Alohi bootstraps further growth HIPAA compliant
Alohi bootstraps further growth and becomes HIPAA compliant.
Alohi ISO 27001 certified SOC 2 compliant
Alohi passes 1 million users, introduces local data residency, and expands its office in Geneva.
Alohi passes 1 million users introduces local data residency
Alohi becomes ISO 27001 certified, and SOC 2 compliant.
Sign.Plus is launched
Sign.Plus is launched.
Alohi passes 3 million users
Alohi passes 3 million users.
Scan.Plus is launched.

Working at Alohi

At our core, we blend innovative technologies with modern strategies to simplify and enrich experiences worldwide, striving to transcend limits in connectivity and streamline communication for people and businesses alike.

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