Press Kit & Brand Guidelines

Our brand assets make up our design toolkit. When these elements are used together, they bring Alohi to life.

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waves in the industry flow philosophy

Making waves in the industry: Our 'Flow' philosophy

At Alohi, we believe in more than just revolutionizing online document management; we are committed to embodying a philosophy that surfs the waves of innovation and excellence. 'Flow' is the driving force behind our success and sets us apart from competition.

Our brand idea, flow, draws inspiration from the exhilarating world of surfing, where riders seek to catch the perfect wave, enter a state of pure harmony, and ride it effortlessly. Similarly, we aim to create a seamless, effortless, and harmonious experience for our clients when it comes to online faxing, eSignatures, and AI scanning.

As we expand our product offerings, we are setting industry standards for efficiency and reliability with plans to introduce more innovative products in the near future.

Our design DNA

The design DNA is how we form the connection between our brand idea, flow, and all of our product identifiers. Through the consistent use of fluid flow-like elements in the construction of the shapes, our product identifiers infuse each logotype with a unique and vibrant undertone.

Our logotypes are characterized by curved terminations and the gesture of flow which is inherent in our logo. This is the key design DNA of our unique iconography.

design dna

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