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Our values

Our vision for frictionless solutions

We've created an ecosystem at Alohi where productivity feels as effortless as riding a wave, and where every task contributes to a larger vision of frictionless efficiency. Our values are the bedrock of our corporate culture, ensuring that we consistently uphold transparency, innovation, and the highest standards of integrity. They not only shape how we collaborate, but also guide how we serve our customers, and drive meaningful change in the industries we touch.

foster unity and togetherness

We foster unity & togetherness

We know that in order to go far, we need to go together. This is why we work as one team and we foster a culture where everyone feels belonged, nurtured, and valued. To us, togetherness starts from within and continues with our customers.
strive for customer delight

We strive for customer delight

We never fall short of ambition because we always have our mind on how we can bring delight and excellence to customers. We are always questioning ourselves and finding new ways to improve experience at every stage.
embrace challenge

We embrace challenge

We acknowledge that hard work is a key factor to success. We ensure our dedication and efforts are spent wisely by constantly iterating and learning, seeking continuous improvement rather than perfection.
practice goodwill everywhere

We practice goodwill everywhere

We apply a conscious spirit in everything we do. We work every day to set the example of integrity and fairness with our clients, our surroundings and society. We also allocate one percent of our profits to philanthropic work.

Voices of Alohi: Why we love our flow

alohi Math H., Product Manager
"Everyone is driven by a shared mission, and given the necessary flexibility and freedom to perform well. We’re fortunate to all be part of a collective adventure, in an atmosphere that nurtures, motivates, and comforts us."
Math H., Product Manager
alohi Jolanta M., Customer Success Supervisor
"Alohi’s culture emphasizes the importance of team-building activities that promote a positive and supportive work environment, like daily ping-pong sessions or evening yoga classes."
Jolanta M., Customer Success Supervisor
alohi Selin K Content Marketing Specialist
"I've found great joy in the creative freedom to address intricate challenges here. My team and manager empower me to turn every hurdle into a playground for my ideas, making each day an adventure."
Selin K., Content Marketing Specialist
alohi Marco L., iOS Developer
"The most satisfying aspect of my job at Alohi is the opportunity to innovate and implement creative solutions to complex challenges. Being able to see my ideas come to life provides me with a sense of accomplishment."
Marco L., iOS Developer
alohi Margherita P., Talent & Acquisition
"The best part of working at Alohi is being able to see the impact of your work on the company. You can see the changes and growth every day, and it’s thrilling to be able to pinpoint exactly how your efforts have shaped the company."
Margherita P., Talent & Acquisition
alohi Ana C., Head of Office Operations
“The energy and vibe at Alohi, plus the company’s story, create a unique experience that I’ve never felt elsewhere. It’s like being part of a big family, where everyone plays a role in making our workplace a genuinely peaceful and joyful space.”
Emmanuelle M., Office Manager

Current Opportunities

We appreciate your interest in Alohi. Our goal is to bring aboard the most exceptional talents, regardless of background. If you require support while filling out our online application due to disability, don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're here to assist you.

Perks and benefits

Equity & ownership

Embrace ownership in our company through ESOP, and become a key architect in our narrative. Your input shapes our path, and as we grow, so does your impact. Our success is a reflection of your contributions.

Multi-national workplace

Join our international team and become a pivotal part of our global adventure. Your unique talents and perspective are key to our collective development and success.

Big impact

Your contribution matters and impacts millions of people worldwide. You can create a lasting and positive impact not only for end-users but massive corporations around the world.

Personal development

We're passionate about nurturing lifelong learning. Every year, we empower our employees with an allowance for personal development, fueling their journey towards achieving their goals.

Company events

Annual retreats, hackathons, yoga lessons, ski trips –we are more than just colleagues; we skillfully blend hard work with delightful play.

Fair recruitment

At Alohi, we embrace diversity with open arms. Our commitment to equality ensures every applicant has a fair chance, creating a truly inclusive workplace.

Officially recognized as a Great Place To Work

We’re passionate about what we do and strive on creating and maintaining the best working environment. This is why we are recognized as a Great Place To Work by employee votes.

Certified Employers Switzerland 2022
Best Workplaces in Suisse Romande 2023
Certified Employers Switzerland 2023
Life at Alohi

We’re proud of the culture we’ve built

alohi culture employees

At our company, we embrace every facet of our team's personality, from sharing team lunches to gaming sessions. Our commitment to fostering a positive & supportive environment has made us one of the best workplaces in Switzerland.

alohi embrace team members work
Alohi landscape
Life at Alohi

More than work, it is a shared journey in doing what we love

Get involved to build a world where ideas and decisions flow freely, and where the boundaries of innovation and fun blend seamlessly. We're not just creating solutions; we're shaping experiences both in and out of our office. At Alohi, work flows, ideas flourish, and people thrive.

Alohi team
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Alohi is proud to be a company that values and promotes equal opportunities in employment. We firmly believe in recruiting employees based on their qualifications, skills, and potential, without any discrimination based on personal characteristics or backgrounds. We are committed to providing a workplace that values diversity and inclusion. 

We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, political affiliation, or other applicable legally protected characteristics. We are dedicated to ensuring that all individuals have an equal opportunity to thrive and grow within our organization. Our hiring and employment practices are designed to be fair, transparent, and in compliance with all applicable Swiss laws and regulations. 

We believe that by fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace, we can harness the full potential of our employees and create a collaborative environment where everyone can achieve their career goals. Thank you for considering us as your potential employer, and we look forward to working together to achieve great things.