Business solutions that flow seamlessly

Over 3 million businesses and individuals worldwide use Alohi products to securely sign, fax, and scan their documents.

alohi Business solutions that flow seamlessly
We empower some of the world’s biggest brands
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Best way to reduce friction at work?

Prevent it. Alohi’s solutions are designed with compatibility and integration in mind, meant to work harmoniously with your existing applications, by anyone, at any time. They’re easy to adopt, which enables your organization to benefit from larger-scale productivity, faster.

  • Streamline document management with secure, simple, and accessible solutions on any platform.
  • Provide innovative solutions suitable for a wide range of industries and businesses.
  • Ensure operations are optimized through adherence to industry-standard security compliances and certifications.
alohi Business solutions that flow seamlessly
Tailored for success

Sign.Plus makes going paperless effortless, transforming signing into a simple click. Our platform guarantees security, simplicity, and accessibility on any device, enabling you to sign documents safely and efficiently with legally binding eSignatures.

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Tailored for success
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Supercharged and seamless, Fax.Plus makes sending and receiving faxes effortless, streamlining your document management. Our platform ensures secure document transmission and integration with third-party apps for enhanced productivity on any device.

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Tailored for success

With Scan.Plus, embrace agility and effortless digitization, wave after wave. Our encrypted, A.I.-powered scanning solution meets industry security standards. Streamline operations with efficient communications, connections, and workflows.

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3 Million+
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We believe that technology should work in harmony with your needs

Swiss excellence in security

Design Excellence

Born in Geneva, we embody Swiss excellence in design and engineering to create products that blend simplicity with high performance. Our passion for UX, and our commitment to people-centricity allow us to create intuitive, and user-friendly solutions.
Tailored for success

Innovative & Dynamic

We are a lean team with a structure and mindset that champion agility and individual initiative. This makes us flexible, more responsive to new ideas, and allows us to iterate fast to meet and exceed the unique and changing needs of our clients.
Connected to your needs

Trusted Partners

We contribute to and follow the world’s strictest data security and privacy practices and protocols to ensure our client’s sensitive information is always safeguarded and secure. Our customer support is committed to operating with transparency, accountability and care to build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships.

A Holistic Approach to Security That Ensures Compliance & Fosters Trust

Security Overview


We are committed to evolving standards and ensuring excellence in compliance.
HIPAA Statement


Our system is fortified with protection, ensuring resilience at every layer.
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Data Privacy

We uphold an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your information.

How organizations in different industries do more with Alohi products


Alohi streamlines healthcare communications with HIPAA-compliant solutions, ensuring patient data is handled with utmost care and security.


We offer powerful APIs and seamless integrations, empowering businesses to enhance their digital infrastructure and streamline operations.

Financial Services

Elevate client experiences through our dedicated focus on security and compliance, ensuring peace of mind in every transaction.


We provide our partners with versatile, secure platforms, facilitating remote administration while ensuring compliance and accessibility.


Our secure platforms streamline legal case management, document sharing, and collaboration, ensuring efficient workflows and client satisfaction.

Real Estate

Our solutions ensure seamless property transactions and efficient document management for our clients working in the real estate industry.

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