Smooth pocket scanning flow with AI precision. Scan.Plus embraces agility and effortless digitalization. Enjoy uninterrupted efficiency with streamlined communication, seamless connections, and enhanced productivity.

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Tailored for success

Intuitive simplicity from within

Scan documents from any device. Extensive set of advanced features to scan online securely

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Scan.Plus is available on both iOS and Android devices, allowing for a seamless scanning experience on mobile phones and tablets.

AI-Powered Scanner

Benefit from auto document detection, and use smart editing tools to crop, rotate, reorder, apply filters or erase any part of documents.
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Extensive Integrations

Native integration with Sign.Plus and Fax.Plus, providing a seamless experience for signing and faxing scanned documents.

Image to Text (OCR)

Utilize OCR to easily extract text from your scans, transforming it into editable and searchable content.

Share as PDF/JPG

Merge pages into a single PDF for organized documents, and save and share scans as PDF or JPG.

Enhanced Quality

Remove document distortion, and adjust brightness, contrast, and the document color settings.

Scan documents from any iOS or Android device

Scan documents online from any IOS or Android device, and convert documents into a PDF or JPG format. Scan.Plus also enables you to enhance document quality  with smart editing tools directly within the app. Finally, you can share documents via link, email, or to your preferred cloud services — all at no cost.
How Scan.Plus Works

Work with steady confidence

Compliance ensures smooth processes, and smooth processes make work faster. Scan.Plus meets the highest standards, empowering you to work confidently. Every scan is safeguarded, keeping your information protected and private.
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Scan.Plus exists to make your work flow

Adhering to industry-standard security compliances and certifications, Scan.Plus is an all-in-one solution for your scanning needs, delivering transformative impact on document management.

scan on androidscan on iphone