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Growing Beyond 3M Customers: Alohi Reaches User Milestone

Alohi Team
March 29, 2023
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We are thrilled to announce that Alohi has reached a major milestone – 3 million users! This achievement couldn't have been possible without the continuous support of our loyal customers who use Alohi’s suite of cloud-based products, Sign.Plus and Fax.Plus. These products come with advanced data encryption features that ensure the protection of user data in transit and at rest, and additionally have all the necessary certifications and compliances including SOC 2, HIPAA and ISO 27001. At Alohi, we are committed to providing our customers with the best-in-class services and continuously innovating our offerings to meet their evolving demands. Now, looking to the future, we have big plans for continued growth and expansion to become the go-to platform for all communication and agreement needs.

Journey to 3 Million Customers

As we celebrate this milestone, let's reflect on Alohi's journey and how we got here. Since our humble beginnings in 2016, we've been dedicated to providing innovative solutions that improve the lives of our customers. Our vision is to expand connectivity beyond boundaries and streamline communications and systems of agreement for our users. We started this vision with Fax.Plus and continued it with Sign.Plus. Since then what started as a small team with big ambitions has transformed into an expanded company with a much larger venture and new iterations of these products, offering advanced features and integrations. These updates include an entirely new user interface, cross-app capabilities between Sign.Plus and Fax.Plus, as well as new product compliance and certifications. 

We have made significant progress since our one hundred-thousandth customer milestone announcement in 2018, expanding our product offerings and improving our platform's user experience. Despite encountering challenges along the way, we have struck a balance between security and compliance while still delivering a user-friendly online fax and online signature solution. Additionally, we have integrated our platform with various other platforms such as Zapier, Google Workspace, Slack, and Programmable API for larger companies, enabling our customers to save time and increase efficiency at work, resulting in a smoother and more effective experience.

Providing Value to Our Customers 

In our efforts to continue growing and evolving over the years, we have expanded our team, established a new office, and improved our customer support services. At Alohi, we understand that our customers’ trust in our platform is crucial for our success, and we highly value our customers' feedback using it to address any concerns they may have and continuously improve our services. While we celebrate reaching our 3 millionth user milestone, our commitment to security and compliance remains a top priority where we plan to continue releasing new security and compliance features to keep our users' confidential information safe. 

Plans for Future Growth

Looking ahead, we have exciting developments in the works that will offer more comprehensive solutions for our customers' communication and agreement needs. Our team is working hard to expand our product suite, allowing us to reach more businesses and individuals worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to add value to our customers and provide exceptional service, and we can't wait to unveil our latest offerings very soon.

We're proud of the progress we've made and the success we've achieved in expanding connectivity with our Sign.Plus and Fax.Plus products. Our commitment to innovation, security, and customer satisfaction has been critical to our growth, and we're grateful to our customers for their trust and support. We look forward to providing more exciting news and updates in the future. Stay tuned for more from Alohi!

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