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How to Choose the Best Online Fax Service

Alohi Team
September 23, 2017
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So, you finally decided to ditch your old-fashioned fax machine in favor of subscribing to a professional internet fax service, and now it’s time to choose which fax provider you should go with. Note that, while most of such cloud-based fax providers come with the same features and services, some of them may offer you relatively lower fixed costs to send and receive faxes from computer, but once you start using the service you’ll notice the high rate of variable costs. Well, here are the most important things to consider when choosing the best online fax service to receive and send faxes from computer and mobile devices:

How to Choose The Best Online Fax Service?

It comes with no setup fee

The setup process is as simple as signing up on a website and browsing through the menus to completely get used to the interface and how to send and receive faxes. So, make sure to avoid online fax services with a setup cost.

It comes with your desired local numbers

First of all, note that the number of countries you can send faxes to is higher than the number of countries you can acquire a local fax number from. So, before applying to any plan, make sure to review the list of supported countries to send faxes to as well as the list of countries you are allowed to obtain a fax number from.

It comes with clear canceling policies

Most of the best online fax services require you to enter your credit card details and they will charge you automatically based on your active plan. Before adding your credit card, make sure the cancellation policies are clear and you can cancel your subscription easily at any time.

It comes with Android and iOS applications

Since we are talking about internet-based fax services, the request for a mobile application is not too much. Make sure the fax provider you are going to use, offers mobile applications, so you get to easily send and receive faxes right from your Android or iOS phone.

It comes with a low rate of variable costs

In so many cases, your plan only covers sending and receiving a certain amount of pages and you need to charge your account for extra pages. Make sure to check the Cost Per Page before applying for a plan.

It comes with some unique faxing features

Have you ever thought about how to send faxes to extension numbers or human operated telefax machines? Well, there are some online fax services that offer such useful features to their clients at no extra charge.

It comes with electronic signature feature

The electronic signature features enable you to sign your received faxes digitally and send them back immediately. Well, you already know the things to consider when choosing the best online fax services and now it’s the time to evaluate the fax providers and go with the one with a higher score.

If Fax.Plus, as one of the best online fax services,  is on your shortlist, be aware that this user-friendly internet fax provider not only delivers the entire mentioned features and options, it also sets the bar to a higher level by offering ultimate security, scheduled faxing, mass faxing, corporate account and a lot more. Since you get to try the sending fax system for free, make sure to go the Fax.Plus website, sign up, follow a few simple steps and enjoy sending and receiving fax in the most convenient way.

What would you add to the list to choose the best online fax service?

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