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Fax.Plus Announces Strategic Partnership with Twilio

Alohi Team
November 17, 2021
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Twilio is the leading Silicon Valley-based cloud communications platform that has decided to discontinue support for its long-established Programmable Fax offering, starting December 17, 2021.

Programmable Fax was launched to allow developers to simply send and receive faxes over Twilio’s reliable Rest API. Their goal was to allow companies to integrate and combine the faxing possibilities of virtually any system or application.

However, after years of service, they have made the decision to disable their Programmable Fax offering for all accounts. For new and inactive accounts, access to Programmable Fax has been disabled directly after Twilio’s announcement. As for the rest of the users, the sunset will be effective by mid-December 2021. To help ease the burden of transitioning their customers’ workflows, they have provided detailed migration plans on their Help Center.

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What is the best alternative to Twilio fax service?

In order to redirect Twilio's customers, who still rely on and require a solid API to integrate their faxing needs with their systems or applications, Fax.Plus is coming to the rescue.

Migrate to a powerful and secure faxing solution with Fax.Plus API

Fax.Plus programmable fax API enables its users to send and receive faxes from virtually any software, system, or application. All of your faxing needs can be integrated right into your own CRM or your enterprise system. It can drastically boost productivity, decrease the workflow, and can also add an extra layer of security to your faxes.

Once you have upgraded your plan to Enterprise and successfully integrated your system with Fax.Plus, you no longer need to leave your system for undertaking your faxing-related tasks. If you are a developer, read the Fax API documentation to learn how to integrate Fax.Plus in almost any programming language, including JavaScript, Node.JS, Ruby, Python, and Java.

What are the benefits of programmable fax API?

After integrating your online fax system with your enterprise software and getting used to the new interface, you’ll notice how much easier and simpler the workflows become. You will also see how fast you can attach documents and send them as a fax from your ERP or CRM software. Here are the major highlights of the launch of Fax.Plus API Version 2:re are some of the main benefits of fax API:

  • It increases your productivity and saves you lots of time
  • Send and receive faxes directly within the integrated application
  • Easier file transfers
  • Optimized workflows
  • More secure

Here are the major highlights of the launch of Fax.Plus API Version 2:

  • New SDK for NodeJS
  • Updated Python SDK
  • Traceable fax ID - The traceable fax ID is returned when the fax is sent, which can be used with webhooks (callback URLs)
  • Overall performance improvement

Learn more: Fax.Plus Programmable API is Updated With New Features and Performance Improvements

How to integrate Fax.Plus within your software with the programmable fax API?

The Fax.Plus API is available for free to all Enterprise users and the thorough documentation enables any developer to easily integrate faxing to any other software, application, or system. Once the integration is done and the new interface is created within your software, you just need to make sure the connection is established, enter your credentials and enjoy sending and receiving faxes from different environments.

The Fax.Plus API is available with all active Enterprise plans. If you wish to integrate Fax.Plus into your own system, please review our API documentation to see how to set up the integration and how to send a fax via the Fax.Plus REST API.

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