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FAX.PLUS Aug 2018 update arrives: Number porting, enterprise plan, toll-free numbers

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As we continue improving the user experience on FAX.PLUS, we have added some fresh new features to boost the productivity of our individual and enterprise customers. Let’s see what you can expect from this latest FAX.PLUS update:

Keep Your Old Fax Number (Number Porting): If you have already owned a fax number from another provider, you can now transfer that number to FAX.PLUS with no downtime and benefit from all our features. Your customers will never know the difference. Check the Porting Help Center to learn more about the porting procedure and request porting to FAX.PLUS.

Business & Enterprise Plans: If you're looking for a plan to send & receive high-volume fax (thousands or even million pages per month), manage the account by multiple users and acquire multiple fax numbers, we've got you covered in our new Business & Enterprise plans. Learn More.

Toll-Free Numbers: We are also excited to announce the availability of toll-free fax numbers as another one of our new features. We have a wide range of numbers in our pool and give you the option to choose your own custom (vanity) fax number to suit your business requirements. Learn more about toll-free fax numbers.

Affiliate Program: Our Affiliate Program is finally here! Join now for free and earn very high commissions on not only first payments but recurring payments too. FAX.PLUS Affiliate Program.

Change fax number: Upgraded your plan with a random number, but now want a more prestigious number? We've got you covered with our new change fax number feature. Learn how to change fax numbers.

Login to your FAX.PLUS account or create a free account and start sending and receiving fax easily and securely.