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Fax.Plus biggest Update Arrives: Higher Fax Quality, Higher Success Rate

Alohi Team
May 30, 2018
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Great news! We just passed 100,000 verified users and we would like to thank you all for reaching such a milestone.

100k customers

In order to appreciate your support, serve our community better and put more emphasis on our core values (reliability, security, and ease of use) we just released our biggest update to date. Let's see what you should expect from the latest Fax.Plus update which is available for free to all registered users at no additional cost:

reliability, security, and ease of use

4X Higher fax resolution: We completely rewrote on image processing engine and now give you a faxing experience with 4 times the quality before. By far the best quality faxing can get! Simply go to the send online fax panel and enjoy sending faxes with super fine quality.

4X Higher fax resolution

3X Higher success rate: If you have ever worked with a traditional fax machine you know that fax submission success rate relies mostly on telecommunication lines, and there is no difference when it comes to sending fax online. But, as of now, we will retry your failed faxes with other providers free of additional charge in case they fail to ensure a higher success rate.

Phonebook & Recents: You can now access your Fax.Plus phonebook within the web and mobile apps and also make use of your recently faxed contacts on all platforms. To get access to your Fax.Plus phonebook from your mobile device, make sure to update the Fax.Plus app to the latest version.

Download Fax.Plus from Google Play Store

Download Fax.Plus from Apple App Store

Phonebook & Recents

Fax numbers in Italy: Italian fax numbers are finally here.?? If you are an Italian or a multi-national businessman running a business in Italy and looking for a local fax number in Italy, we've got you covered. Simply click on the link below, follow the easy steps and get yourself a dedicated Italian fax number: Get a local fax number in Italy.

More convenient ways to fax files:
We've added support for iCloud (aside from Dropbox & Google Drive) for our iOS app and a very convenient file explorer for our Android app. It's now easier than ever to fax your files on mobile. Learn how to send fax from iCloud.

Lots of bug fixes: We put lots of emphasis on fixing every issue you raise. We strive for perfection and try our best to achieve nothing else.

If you are new to Fax.Plus, sign up for free and start sending faxes to 150+ countries all around the world and get a dedicated local fax number in 40+ countries. See the link below in case you are wondering how to send fax online from different platforms using different devices and applications:

If you are new to Fax.Plus and looking to learn about different ways to send fax online, read this article: How to send a fax online.

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