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FAX.PLUS Chrome Extension Is Now Available on Chrome Web Store

We are glad to announce that our fax Chrome extension is finally available to download for free and from now on, you get to easily access your FAX.PLUS account from any webpage and start sending fax for free. To use the Chrome extension for sending fax, make sure you are using Chrome browser, and then download the extension from the Chrome Web Store. It's completely free, secure and fast.


What is Chrome Extension?

Extensions are small software programs that have been built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. An extension enables the users to modify the Google Chrome browser and tailor it to their preferences or needs.Since extensions are not dependent on the content from the web, regardless of what pages you are viewing and what the open tabs are, you can always call the FAX.PLUS fax extension and start sending fax.

What does FAX.PLUS Chrome Extension Do?

It's basically a shortcut to your FAX.PLUS account, as you get to open your account from any tab within the Google Chrome browser. You just need to find the FAX.PLUS logo in the list of installed extensions (look at the right side of the address bar on the top part of your browser) and click on it to go to your FAX.PLUS account. If you've already registered, simply sign in to your account and if you are new to FAX.PLUS sign up for free (You may use your Google account to sign up in a blink of an eye).

How to download FAX.PLUS Chrome Extension?

If you have a Google account and you are using Chrome Browser, simply head to the Chrome Web Store and look for the FAX.PLUS extension to send fax. You can also use the direct link to download and enable the extension for faxing: Download FAX.PLUS Google Extension.It's now the time to send free fax from Google Chrome browser with the FAX.PLUS free extension.