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How to fax invoice from Google Sheets? (Send invoice by fax)

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Say you've already created your tax invoice or any other kind of invoice in Google Sheets and looking for a way to send an invoice by fax. There are many different ways to fax invoice from Google Sheets, such as using a traditional fax machine, using fax modems and fax servers, and of course, using an online fax service. The latter solution enables you to easily send invoices by fax without the need to have a landline phone, fax machine, or fax modem. So, to fax invoices from Google Sheets, first of all, make sure you've already prepared everything and your sales invoice is completely ready to be sent, open that specific spreadsheet and then follow these steps:

How to fax invoice from Google Sheets:

  1. Click here to install FAX.PLUS add-on from the Google Sheets store for free (FAX.PLUS for Google Sheets).
  2. Open the spreadsheet you want to send by fax on Google Sheets.
  3. Go to Add-Ons, and click on FAX.PLUS - Fax your document add-on, followed by Send Fax.
  4. Wait for the sidebar to load and after that sign in with your Google account (if you are already a FAX.PLUS member, you can sign in with your own username and password).
  5. Add the recipient's fax number and click on the Send button.
  6. Your invoice will be transmitted immediately and wait for the delivery confirmation in your email.

The FAX.PLUS add-on for Google Sheets is free to download and you only need to pay the regular price of sending a fax. Check the FAX.PLUS Rates page to see the rates for different destinations and countries.

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