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Introducing Scan.Plus: The New Standard in Scanning Solutions

Alohi Team
February 8, 2024
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At Alohi, our commitment to simplifying your work life drives us to continuously innovate. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our newest addition to our product suite, Scan.Plus, which takes your document scanning experience to the next level.

introducing by alohi

Our advanced scanning app technology guarantees that your scans, whether text or images, are consistently clear, sharp, and precise, capturing every detail with utmost accuracy. Scan.Plus is an AI-powered, versatile scanning application engineered to take the complexity out of document scanning while delivering exceptional results, all while ensuring top-notch security, privacy, and compliance with the strictest standards. With its cutting-edge AI capabilities, it seamlessly transforms your mobile device into a high-performance scanning tool. Scan.Plus ensures that every document, whether it's text or images, is captured with precision, clarity, and accuracy, elevating your scanning experience to unprecedented levels of convenience and quality. Additionally, it's available on multiple platforms, providing you with flexibility in how you choose to use it.

Why Scanning Matters

The significance of document scanning in various aspects of work and life today cannot be overstated. The absence of a reliable scanning tool often leads to inefficiency in online document management, consuming valuable time, making it challenging to locate specific documents when needed. Handling sensitive documents without encryption and secure storage can also expose critical information to potential risks, including unauthorized access or data breaches. Without efficient scanning tools with encryption features, users may inadvertently jeopardize the confidentiality of their digital documents. 

From archiving important documents to digitizing records for easy access, scanning is a fundamental need. Here at Alohi, we understand the challenges you face when a reliable scanning tool is absent, and that's why we've developed Scan.Plus.

With Scan.Plus, we've taken document scanning to a whole new level, making it easier, more efficient, and more accessible to use with Alohi products. Scan.Plus offers a comprehensive range of features to enhance your document scanning experience:

Scanning Quality

Scan.Plus leverages advanced AI scanning technology to guarantee that every scan you make is of the highest quality. The use of AI on Scan.Plus helps the digital scanner find the edges of your document when you’re scanning it. This technology ensures that when you scan a document, you get just the right section of your document without any extra background, making your scans look neat and professional without you having to do a lot of manual adjustments. Whether it's text or an image, your scans will capture every detail with exceptional clarity, sharpness, and impeccable precision, including multi-page scanning capability.

Advanced Editing Tools

Scan.Plus comes with an array of editing tools. Crop, rotate, and adjust the color of your scans, or apply different filters, including black and white, grayscale, and fine-tune brightness, contrast, and color settings. Effortlessly erase document imperfections with advanced editing capabilities.

advanced editing tools
Apply filters and fine-tune brightness to adjust the color of your scans

reorder pages
Crop, rotate, reorder your scanned pages to complete your scan

Convert Image to Text

Need to edit texts within your scans? Scan.Plus offers built-in text recognition (OCR) that swiftly and accurately converts scanned text into editable text. This feature supports multiple languages, making it a versatile tool for various needs.

Smart Tags & Categories

Effortlessly organize your scanned documents by using Smart Tags to automatically assign tags based on content and category, allowing for convenient keyword searches. Alternatively, you have the option to manually assign categories to suit your document filtering preferences.

smart tags and categories

Fax, Sign, Share

Scan.Plus seamlessly integrates with Fax.Plus and Sign.Plus, enabling you to send your scanned documents for faxing or signing. Additionally, you have the flexibility to share your scanned documents with your preferred applications, or save on your mobile as PDF or JPG files for easy access. Users also have the ability to merge multiple pages into a single PDF for streamlined document organization.

fax sign share pdf jpg

Fully Encrypted Archive

Each document is encrypted using advanced security protocols, ensuring that only you have access to your fully-encrypted scanned documents.

Transform your scanning in 3 easy steps

To begin using Scan.Plus, you can easily download the mobile app via App Store or Google Play Store. As always, your feedback is highly valuable to us, so please share your thoughts as we continually strive for improvement. Scan.Plus simplifies the scanning process into three effortless steps: scan, edit, and encrypt and save. Let's delve into what each step entails:

Step 1: Scan

Our powerful scanning technology guarantees that every scan you make is of the highest quality. Whether it's a text document or an image, Scan.Plus will capture every detail, ensuring your scans are clean. 

Step 2: Edit

Scan.Plus equips you with an array of editing tools to perfect your scans to your preference. Crop, rotate, and adjust colors to achieve the desired look. Apply various filters, including black and white and grayscale, and adjust light settings to further enhance your scans. You have the option to erase parts of your scanned document also.

Step 3: Encrypt & Save

Rest assured that your documents are safeguarded. Scan.Plus encrypts each document using advanced security protocols, ensuring that only you have access to your fully-encrypted scanned documents. Moreover, you have the flexibility to customize your document settings, allowing Scan.Plus to perform specific tasks tailored to your organizational preferences. For instance, with Smart Name Detection, Scan.Plus can automatically assign names and execute various other tasks, all adjusted to suit your preferences. You also have the option to Save and Share your document as JPG or PDF.

We invite you to enhance your document scanning experience with Scan.Plus. Download the app today and enjoy a new level of convenience and efficiency in managing your documents. We are committed to making your work life easier.

Thank you for being a part of our journey as we continue to enhance your work experience with Scan.Plus.

Ready to experience Scan.Plus?

Sign up to Scan.Plus now! Download via App Store or Google Play Store.

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