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Introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) for Corporations & Enterprises

Alohi Team
October 28, 2020
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We have now launched the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature to help you manage your company’s login details in a more smooth way. SSO is a security enhancement tool that gives employees of a large organization seamless access to multiple enterprise software. SSO follows the organizations’ strict policy on user authentication and management. It boosts the productivity of the employees and IT admins and also mitigates compliance and security concerns.

User management made simple with the auto-join feature

When SSO is enabled for your Fax.Plus account, there is no longer the need to add new members to your account one by one. The auto-join feature, also known as Just-in-Time provisioning (JIT), allows new members to join your Fax.Plus corporate account automatically as soon as they try to sign in to Fax.Plus from their identity provider dashboard.

You can assign the newly joined members one or multiple fax numbers, change their quota to send faxes, give them different roles in the hierarchical structure, and perform all regular admin actions. You can also configure the structure and permissions on your identity provider account in a way to instantly add new members to your Fax.Plus account, if they are coming from your organization domain (domain whitelisting).

With this feature, you can make the Fax.Plus app available on your identity provider account to all of your organization employees, and they will automatically join Fax.Plus after their first login attempt.

How can I enable SSO on my Fax.Plus account?

SSO is only available to the users of the Enterprise plan and is compatible with virtually any Identity Provider (IdP) that supports SAML 2.0, including Azure, Okta, OneLogin, and JumpCloud. To do the one-time SSO set up, we require the admin of the Enterprise plan to provide basic information including the issuer, single sign-on URL, and a public x509 certificate.

If you have already upgraded your plan to Enterprise and wish to enable SSO on your account, please contact us and send your request.

What are the benefits of SSO?

  1. With SSO, users have access to a host of applications and software, using a single username and password. It omits the risk of forgetting a password or setting a weak password.  
  2. SSO increases the adoption rate for company-approved software by providing all the necessary tools in one place.
  3. Implementing single sign-on allows the administrator to gain more user management control with the option to instantly revoke permissions or add a new member to specific software.
  4. SSO technology simplifies HIPAA compliance for healthcare organizations when it comes to controlling staff access to patients’ sensitive data.
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