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Learn how FAX.PLUS can help your team fax remotely during COVID-19

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Due to the recent fast developments of COVID-19, physical offices have been replaced by remote working and this has encouraged employers to fundamentally change how they communicate, collaborate, and manage their daily tasks. FAX.PLUS is here to help.

If your team has questions on how they can migrate to an online HIPAA compliant faxing solution as quickly as possible, please fill out the request contact form or call
 +1 888 233 0501

To facilitate companies during this crisis we offer a month of free service on our Enterprise annual plans until the end of April 2020. To redeem your one month of free service, please contact our sales team.

Faxing remotely for teams

Working remotely implies going through the same tasks while finding new means to do so. With FAX.PLUS, you can continue communicating and staying connected with your colleagues and clients. With the team's solution, you can consolidate all your fax numbers and manage all your team members via one single user-friendly interface.

Our secure and reliable cross-platform solution can ensure the continuity of your business, as we cover the unique requirements of not only small to medium businesses but large enterprises too.

Adding new members to the team is free of charge and there is no limit on the size of a team on Enterprise plans! Each team member will have their own credentials to sign in to FAX.PLUS and send and receive faxes from multiple devices and platforms including Web, Mobile, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Email.

Migrate to a cloud-based faxing solution

Whether you use an on-premises fax solution, on-prem virtual fax, or simply have no more access to your fax machine, but require faxing documents from anywhere at any time, you can transfer your number to FAX.PLUS with no downtime and benefit from all features of the industry’s best efax solution. Your customers will fax to your old fax number but now you can experience greater reliability on your fax reception.

Quick and easy sign-up

All our paid plans include a free fax number, you can start sending and receiving fax straight away after simply signing up and choosing your preferred plan. There’s no need to worry, you can send all faxes to your employers, employees, and all healthcare providers before your deadlines are reached.

Our support team is available to guide you through these changes, as we can understand the uncertainty of these times and we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us!