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You can now get a local fax number from Israel | November 2022

3 min read

If you're looking for a fax number in Israel, we've got some good news for you!

Our latest update adds new fax numbers in different Israelian area codes and allows users to get a fax number from Israel and receive faxes locally. This is perfect for businesses that want to reach customers in Israel or have an office there.

How to get a fax number in Israel?

  1. Go to the Plans and Pricing page and choose your favorite plan.
  2. Login to your FAX.PLUS account or sign up in one minute.
  3. Choose Israel from the list of available countries.
  4. Choose the desired area code from available local area codes, including Jerusalem, Rehovot, Raanana, Tsefat, and Tel Aviv.

If you need any help setting up your local number in Israel, please contact customer support.


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If you are in Israel or want to set up a remote office there, and looking for an enterprise-ready HIPAA-compliant online fax service that ensures the security and privacy of your sensitive fax files and allows you to send and receive faxes on a large scale, FAX.PLUS has got a  custom solution tailored to your needs.

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