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What is Programmable Fax API? How to integrate fax service with your software?

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Simply put, a programmable fax API enables users to send and receive faxes from virtually any software, system or application. It means, all your faxing tasks can be done right from your CRM or enterprise system. It boosts your productivity, decreases the workflow and adds a layer of security to your faxes.

FAX.PLUS, the leading cloud-based faxing service, offers the online fax web service to all their users (if they upgrade their plan to Corporate) and once the integration between your system and FAX.PLUS is done, you no longer need to leave your system to fax. If you are a developer, read the Fax API documentation to learn how to integrate FAX.PLUS in almost any programming language, including JavaScript, Node.JS, Ruby, Python, and Java.

What are the benefits of programmable fax API?

After integrating your online fax system with your enterprise software, and getting used to the new interface, you’ll notice how easier and simpler the workflows have become and how fast you can attach documents and send them as a fax from your ERP or CRM software. Here are some of the main benefits of fax API:

  • It increases your productivity and saves you lots of time
  • Send and receive faxes directly within the integrated application
  • Easier file transfers
  • Optimized workflows
  • More secure

And of course, there is so much more to add to the list of benefits of programmable fax API.

How to integrate fax service with your software with programmable fax API?

The FAX.PLUS web service is available for free to all corporate users and the thorough documentation enables any type of developer to easily integrate faxing to any other software, application or system. Once the integration is done and the new interface is created within your software, you just need to make sure the connection is established, and enter your FAX.PLUS credentials and enjoy sending and receiving faxes from different environments with the fax API. If you are interested in using the FAX.PLUS programmable fax API, make sure to upgrade your plan to corporate, then read the fax API documentation and finally start integrating.