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FAX.PLUS Programmable API is Updated With New Features and Performance Improvements

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FAX.PLUS API version 2 is live. 🎉We are excited to announce the release of the latest version of our programmable API. This new version not only includes overall performance improvements and updates to current SDKs, but it also comes with a new SDK for Node.JS, traceable fax IDs, more detailed statuses for failed faxes, and much more.

Keep reading to learn more about changes in the improved API version (2.0), migration guidelines, and our plan to support version 1.0.Major highlights:

  • New SDK for NodeJS
  • Updated Python SDK
  • Traceable fax ID - The traceable fax ID is returned when the fax is sent, which can be used with webhooks (callback URLs)
  • Overall performance improvement

Other changes:

  • Corporate managers have more control over their subordinates, most handles provide corporate member ID parameters to use.
  • Webhooks can be managed through the API
  • More detailed statuses for failed faxes

Migration guidelines:API v2 is compatible with API v1 for most cases.You might encounter some problems if your language of choice is strictly typed and your JSON parser rejects additional fields. However, switching the parser to permissive mode should prevent these issues. Moreover, we recommend not using strict parsing mode as within one minor API version additional fields might be added to the response, while existing fields will not be changed.Note that, in some cases, fax IDs from API v1 might be different from the ones in API v2, which might affect your application if it uses an internal database to store fax data.

API v1 support:API v1 will be kept for compatibility purposes for the next few months to provide enough time for you to migrate. Additional notifications will be sent before the API v1 support will be dropped.

Not a FAX.PLUS API user? Time to migrate to a secure faxing solution

With Twilio shutting down its Twilio Programmable Fax service in December 2021, FAX.PLUS remains one of the most secure online fax services to migrate your faxing infrastructure.

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The FAX.PLUS API is available with all active Enterprise plans. If you wish to integrate FAX.PLUS into your own system, please review our API documentation to see how to set up the integration and be able to send a fax via the FAX.PLUS REST API.