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What Are the Advantages of Online Fax Services?

Alohi Team
September 20, 2017
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Sending and receiving faxes are still used widely all around the world and online fax services have emerged to make users switch from traditional fax machines to such internet fax services. So, if you are one of those who needs to send and receive faxes on a daily basis and are still committed to the old-fashioned fax machines, below are just a few benefits and advantages of online fax services to receive and send a fax from the web or mobile applications.

What Are the Advantages of Online Fax Services?

It saves you lots of time and money

Using a cloud-based fax service means no more wasting paper and no more costs for maintaining your fax machine. On the other side, you get to send and receive faxes literally from anywhere and you no longer need to be in your office to be able to start faxing.

It keeps all your documents organized and always available

Say, you are receiving at least ten faxes a day and after just one month, you have to achieve at least 300 pages. How are you going to manage such loads of paper after a year? Well, using an online fax service with cloud storage, you get to easily store all your received and sent faxes in one place, and you also get to access the files whenever you want and wherever you are.

It enables you to receive and send faxes from mobile devices

There are so many internet fax providers that offer mobile apps to start sending and receiving faxes on the go. It means you get to use the camera of your mobile phone as a powerful scanner to convert your paper documents to digital documents and send a fax from your phone at the cost of a few touches on the screen.

It enables you to sign documents electronically

The Electronic Signature feature available on online fax services enables you to easily sign faxes from your mobile phone or a desktop browser and fax them back. You can also use an online signature generator tool to create an eSignature and use it on PDF documents and other types of documents.

It’s super easy to setup and use

To get the most out of the features of such internet fax services, you just need to have a computer or mobile phone with access to the internet, apply to a plan (there are some free plans), install an app or open a web page on browser, and follow a few steps to finish the one-time setup. It’s super easy and doesn’t take a genius to figure out the whole process.

It comes with high-security protocols

Most online fax services use OpenSSL or similar encryption systems to make sure your data is transferred safely and no one except the sender and receiver can read the content of faxes. On the other side, since there is no physical fax machine in the room, no unauthorized employee will have access to the received fax.

It enables you to get a local fax number

No matter where you are, you get to add a local number to your plan and use it as your fax number to send and receive faxes. In other words, if you run an online business in Canada, simply subscribe to a Canadian fax number and manage your faxes from any place in the world.

It enables you to search through your faxes

Simply add a note to your faxes separately and find the faxes you are looking for through the search results. Remember receiving 300 faxes every month? Well, you get to find specific faxes in just a few seconds. Of course there are so many other benefits and advantages of online fax services, and feel free to test our wonderful internet fax service and see the magic for yourself.

What would you add to the list of advantages of online fax services?

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