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How to Organize Faxes Online & Search Through Faxes by Tags or Notes?

October 28, 2017
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If you have already checked out our page on the advantages of online fax services, you should already be familiar with internet fax services. You get to easily manage and organize faxes online, and you even get to find a specific fax (either sent and received) by searching tags or notes. If you are using FAX.PLUS services to send and receive faxes online, you can assign different tags and notes to your faxes separately and easily find the document you are looking for. There is also the advanced search feature to limit your search to a specific time and specific fax status (failed or successful).

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How to organize faxes online with FAX.PLUS internet fax service:

1. Open FAX.PLUS website and sign in to your profile.

2. Make sure you are on the Faxes tab. Next, go to the Inbox or Sent menu.

3. Find the fax you want to add a note to. Click on the 3-dot icon next to it.

4. Choose Add Note option, and start typing your note (you need to use commas to add different tags).

5. Make sure to assign tags and notes to the entire sent and received documents to be able to find them easier in the future (to organize faxes online and find them faster, you may add tags as soon as you send or receive faxes).

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6. Next, it's time to search through faxes by using the already added tags and notes.

7. Go to the Faxes tab from your Dashboard, followed by the Sent or Received menu.

8. Find the Search Box, and click on the arrow button next to it to open the Advanced Search option.

9. Now, filter the date as well as the fax status. Use the box for Keywords to look for a specific note or tag.

10. Simply click on the Search button, and your filtered faxes will appear. View the result or export as CSV.

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Start organizing faxes online with FAX.PLUS internet fax service and never lose an important fax due to sending and receiving loads of faxes every day.

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