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A Renewed Design DNA: Alohi’s Rebranding Journey

Alohi Team
February 19, 2024
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Since our audacious outset in 2016, Alohi embarked on its journey with a vision to create frictionless workflows for people. We introduced Fax.Plus as our initial offering, an online fax solution that quickly gained recognition for its efficiency and reliability.

Over the years, Alohi has not only built a reputation for efficiency and reliability with Fax.Plus but also embraced continuous innovation. With the goal to simplify and enhance everyday tasks, we introduced two new products: Sign.Plus and Scan.Plus. These additions to the Alohi family have expanded our capabilities, providing our 3 million users with even more powerful tools to streamline their work and communication.

However, as we grew and diversified our product offerings, it became evident that a unification of logos was necessary, guided  by the invaluable feedback of our users. It was clear that our ecosystem needed a unifying visual language as Alohi had become more than just a single product with more plans on the horizon. Our offerings have become integral components of a unified ecosystem, making it essential to develop a visual identity that ties them all together. Today, we are excited to share how Alohi's visual design is evolving for the future, while staying rooted in our history, our story, and our unwavering commitment to making life easier and work flow.

Alohi exists to make work flow

At Alohi, we believe that behind every bright idea lies a collection of small tasks that pave the way to success. These tasks, although necessary, can often feel complicated and time-consuming, diverting our focus from what really matters. 

Our passion for technology, productivity, and, above all, simplicity, drives us to create solutions that make managing a business feel as smooth as riding a wave. Our vision is to build a world where information, ideas, and decisions flow effortlessly, allowing individuals to immerse themselves completely in their work, so they can achieve more. Our vision is driven by our core values, including fostering unity and togetherness, embracing challenges, striving for customer delight, and practicing goodwill wherever we go.


An integral part of Alohi's rebranding mission is to emphasize the creation of a new cohesive and visually unified brand identity across all our products to give our users a more enhanced experience. We understand that this unity plays a significant role in establishing trust and recognition among our users. To achieve this family resemblance, we've carefully considered various elements, including consistency in product logos or icons and colors.

Our commitment to consistency is evident in the size, weight, and design characteristics shared by our product icons, helping create a visual bond among our products that's both clear and empathetic to our users' need for a unified experience. Moreover, we've upheld our brand idea, flow, to align seamlessly with our new logos. For instance, our icon for Sign.Plus incorporates the essence of flow by using depth and contrast, softening edges, and incorporating smooth curves within the logo icon. Similarly, the new Fax.Plus icon also embraces the concept of flow by mirroring the smooth motion of paper being faxed – like a wave.

Colors play a pivotal role in our brand identity, drawing inspiration from the vibrant surf culture that nurtures Alohi’s personality. Our new color scheme combines black with our distinctive signature gradient, transitioning gracefully from blue to green. This versatile color range not only enriches our communication materials but also resonates with our audience by authentically reflecting the tones of the earth and sea, capturing the essence of the surf lifestyle.

A new Alohi logo

As our product portfolio expands, we're providing Alohi with a distinctive visual identity that unifies our offerings under a single brand image. Our product icons feature gracefully curved terminations, echoing the natural gestures in our Alohi logo, visually bringing the concept of flow to life. These icons embody simplicity and delight, harmonized through color and form.

Our rebranding isn't just about appearance; it reflects our commitment to enhancing your work flow.

alohi logo animated

Our fresh design DNA

Each identifier conveys its own metaphor related to each product's unique purpose. We connect them through color, dimension, and movement, creating fluid, flow-like moments in the shapes.

alohi rebranding products journey

Our graphic language is inspired by our brand purpose of making work flow. We create a seamless and effortless sense of flow through immersive crops inspired by our product identifiers, cultivating a seamless and effortless sense of flow. Additionally, our carefully curated color palette creates depth within our graphic language by blending two colors together within a gradient, enhancing visual richness while maintaining a cohesive experience. 

Our use of graphics doesn’t stop there. We also add subtle texture to our graphic crops, strategically applying them to soften backgrounds and create an ambient tonal effect. This approach allows our graphics to work at larger scales, adapting seamlessly to various design applications, serving as patterns, making bold statements in headlines, and seamlessly integrating into our products.

alohi rebranding dna 2024

Our revamped color palette

For the very first time, we are thrilled to introduce a fresh visual system for the previous Alohi blacks and blues. This development allows our logo to seamlessly adapt to various color surfaces, all within our primary color palette. Additional colors serve different purposes and can be used depending on context, ensuring dynamic and adaptable visual identity.

Our revamped color palette

Reimagined typography

As a Swiss IT company that places great importance on design excellence, innovation, and trust, our goal was to choose a font that would defy the conventional expectations of the tech industry, while also embodying the qualities of smoothness and Swiss precision that are integral to our identity.

To unify our brand identity, we've chosen two primary typefaces to be employed consistently across all Alohi communications: Plus Jakarta Sans, contributing to the creation of simplicity and clarity, aligning with our commitment to a seamless user experience. Additionally, we occasionally use the DM Mono typeface in some capacity.

alohi reimagined typography

Our fresh identity – Work that flows

At Alohi, we believe design should evolve alongside our services. We exist to make work flow, and our mission revolves around securely and efficiently streamlining document flows. We understand that an appealing, user-friendly, and simplified design is fundamental to bringing efficiency for our users.

Today marks the beginning of an exciting journey as we renew our visual identity. We are committed to pushing boundaries while prioritizing feedback from the Alohi community. Your input guides us as we strive to create a seamless and productive work experience, staying true to our core value of delivering excellence.

signed sealed delivered alohi rebranding

Explore our press page for access to our brand guidelines and logos.

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