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How to Fill Out and Fax Cover Sheet Online? (Useful Tips and Tricks)

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If you are applying for a job and are asked to send your resume by fax, having a great cover page makes an impressive difference. Your cover page (or cover sheet) must be short, precise, and straight to the point without including too much personal information. So to fill out and fax a cover sheet online along with your resume, make sure to follow these 5 simple steps:

1) On the cover page, include: your name, last name, phone number, as well as the subject or title of your fax to make sure you stand out. Remember to also specify your recipient's details on the same cover sheet. Avoid expectations that your recipient might know you and is waiting for your fax.

2) If you are sending multiple pages over fax, make sure to include the number of pages you are sending on your cover page. This tip is useful in the event that your fax is transmitted partially. In that case, the receiver can call you back and ask you to send your fax again.

3) Make sure you have specified the reason behind sending this fax by including a few sentences about yourself and reasons for sending the fax. If you are applying for a job, specifying your position as well as your vision in short is also recommended.
4) Use a font sizing that is easy to read, avoid using large font sizes.

5) Last but not least, remember that all faxes are transmitted in black and white coloring.

What should be included on your cover page?

As there is no fixed template for cover pages, you will need to customize a template based on your needs and types of faxes you will be sending. In the meantime, here is an example of the contents of a fax cover sheet which can be used for any purpose:

Fax From: Your Name, Your Company, Your Phone Number, Your Email Address

Fax To: Recipient's Name, Company, Phone Number

Message: {Type your short and precise message here}


Finished with your cover page contents? It’s now time to send it! To send your fax, make sure you’ve already registered with an online cloud-based faxing service like FAX.PLUS and activated your account. Without any payments, FAX.PLUS enables you to send up to 10 pages. Let’s get started!

How to fax your cover sheet online?

To securely send your  document or PDF file as a cover page, follow these 4 quick steps below:

1) Open your FAX.PLUS profile page and make sure you are on the Send Fax tab.

2) Enter the fax number of your recipient.

3) There are two ways to attach a cover page to your fax: Either click on the Add Text option and start filling out your cover page, or click on Add File option, and attach your already created cover page to your fax. Note that you must make sure the cover page is displayed on the top of the list for either option. You can use free contract templates and customize them based on your requirements.

4) Finish uploading all your documents, and click on Send. You're all done!

Congratulations on sending your cover page and documents successfully at no cost.