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New Updates for Fax.Plus: What's New?

Alohi Team
February 8, 2024
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At Fax.Plus, we're dedicated to simplifying document-related tasks and making your work more efficient. Our commitment to continuous improvement has led us to introduce some exciting updates and enhancements to our platform. These changes are designed to enhance your experience and provide you with even more powerful tools for electronic signatures and online faxing. Let's delve into what's new and how it can benefit you.

What’s New in Fax.Plus?

Let’s take a closer look at the exciting new features and enhancements that Fax.Plus has recently introduced. These additions have been carefully designed to elevate your experience, streamline your document management, and provide you with greater flexibility and convenience. Let's explore how these changes can make a difference in your faxing workflows.

New Product Identity

First and foremost, we are incredibly proud to introduce a fresh product identity for Fax.Plus that reflects our commitment to making work flow seamlessly. We are transitioning away from the ‘FAX.PLUS’ nomenclature moving forward. Our new look goes hand in hand with our new brand idea, flow. It isn’t just a change in appearance; it's a reflection of our core values and commitment to making work flow seamlessly for you. Identifiers for Sign.Plus and Scan.Plus each convey their own metaphor that relates to each of the products' unique purposes. Learn more in our Rebranding Announcement.

The new design DNA is how we form the connection between all products through color, dimension and movement to create fluid flow-like moments in the construction of the shapes, helping create a visual bond among our products that's both clear and empathetic to our users' need for a unified experience.

fax.plus logo rebranding 2024

Scan.Plus Integration

Our new advanced scanning solution is finally here! With cutting-edge AI technology, Scan.Plus transforms your mobile device into a high-performance scanning tool. The integration guarantees clear, precise scans for both text and images, ensuring convenience without compromising on quality all while enabling users to seamlessly transition between scanning and signing processes. It's privacy-focused and compliant with strict standards, prioritizing your document security. Available on multiple platforms, Scan.Plus offers flexibility to simplify your scanning tasks. Check out Scan.Plus now for a seamless scanning experience!

scan.plus rebranding logo

Fax Cover Sheet

Enterprise users can use Cover Sheet Enforcement to mandate a specific template as the default cover sheet for all outgoing faxes ensuring consistency and branding across your organization's communications. Adding a professional touch to your faxes is easier than ever. Customize cover sheets with your branding or essential information to make your faxes stand out. Cover Sheet gallery has also been revamped with the addition of a preview mode, allowing you to easily browse and select the perfect cover sheet template, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your communication needs. Learn more.

fax cover sheet

New High-Volume Plans for Enterprise Users

For users with extensive faxing needs, we offer high volume plans that provide the flexibility and capacity they require. Whether a small business or a large enterprise, Fax.Plus has a customizable plan to accommodate all faxing demands through a self-serving portal within the account Dashboards. Learn more.

Enhanced File Upload Options

We understand that convenience is key, which is why we've integrated with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box. Now, you can effortlessly upload files directly from more cloud accounts, making the faxing process even more efficient.

enhance file upload option fax.plus

Shared Notes

We're pleased to introduce Shared Notes, which enable team collaboration on faxes. Previously, notes added to faxes were private. Now, Shared Notes lets team members with the same assigned fax number share and edit notes on the same received fax, improving communication and collaboration. Changes are visible to all, with updates indicated by the last editor and date. This feature, designed for the Inbox, streamlines the handling of incoming faxes, keeping teams aligned.

shared notes feature fax.plus

Personal Access Tokens (PATs)

Added the support for generating Personal Access Tokens (PATs) as another authentication method to access the Fax.Plus API securely. Learn more.

Streamlined Contact Interaction

Sending faxes to your contacts is now more convenient. You can initiate fax sessions directly from the Contacts section, saving you time and simplifying the process. Enterprise users can make use of the new Shared Contacts feature, allowing them to create shared contacts or groups and make them available for every member across their team. Learn more.

Expanding Global Reach

We are thrilled to announce our support for Japanese numbers, making Fax.Plus an official reseller for Finnish and Japanese fax numbers. This expansion broadens our global presence and offers more options for our users. Get your Finnish or Japanese fax number now!

Blacklisting Anonymous Users

Say goodbye to unwanted spam faxes. With our new feature, you can blacklist even Anonymous Senders, ensuring that your fax inbox remains clutter-free and efficient. Learn more.

blacklist anonymous list fax.plus feature
blacklist anonymous list fax.plus feature 2

Auto-Save Fax Sessions

We've introduced an auto-save feature for your fax sessions. Now, if you need to refresh or step away, your draft will be saved, allowing you to seamlessly continue where you left off.

Looking Ahead to Our Exciting Future

With our new rebranding, and most recent releases, the feedback of our users was our guiding light. To facilitate these new updates, we've not only introduced valuable features but also made significant improvements to our existing ones, all while taking your valuable suggestions to heart. These enhancements align with our mission of simplifying your daily tasks, making work flow seamlessly, and ensuring that Fax.Plus remains your reliable companion for online fax and more. These updates not only improve efficiency but also enhance security  and global reach, all while providing the professional touch you deserve for your communications.

Fax.Plus is committed to providing you with a top-notch online fax experience. We encourage you to explore these updates and take full advantage of the enhanced features and improvements. We value your trust and feedback, and it's your input that drives us to continually improve and innovate.

Ready to experience Fax.Plus?

Get started today and discover how these updates can simplify your document management and communication needs.

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