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How to Choose Best Online Fax Service for Small Businesses

Alohi Team
September 29, 2017
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First of all, congratulations for deciding to switch to cloud-based fax services and say goodbye to your old fax machine at the corner of your office. I assume you already know the advantages of internet fax services and the ways to boost your productivity with online fax services. So, let’s review the things to consider when choosing best online fax service for small businesses, and at the end, I’m going to offer you the best faxing service for your small business. Let’s get started.

How to Choose Best Online Fax Service for Small Businesses?

Estimate your monthly usage. Do simple math and find out about the number of faxes you expect to send and receive during a month. In most of the online faxing plans, you get to send and receive a specific number of pages for free, and for further usage, you need to buy some credit and pay for per extra page. So, make sure to read the plans thoroughly and choose the cost-efficient one.

Study the supported countries to send and receive faxes. Don’t get confused by reading the “Fax to most of the countries in the world” banner, as most of the time they just emphasize on the number of supported countries for sending faxes, and not receiving them. First of all, make sure your faxing provider offers a local number, and then think about the countries you may want to have a fax number from. Now, you get to easily filter some internet faxing providers that offer fax numbers in your desired locations.

Search functionality. Trust me, this feature is really important when it comes to thing to consider when choosing best online fax service for small businesses. The whole idea of using such online faxing services is to reduce the number of printed faxes to save money and get more organized. A powerful search engine enables you to easily find your faxed documents by searching through your notes

Write down your special needs. While the nature and main functionality of all internet faxing services are the same, you can also find some exciting features that are either unique to a provider or available to a few of such online faxing services. For example, if you need to send faxes to human-operated telefax devices, or send faxes to numbers that require dialing extensions, your choices get really limited. So, make sure to list what you really need and then look for a suitable fax service for your small business.

Try the final candidates with their free plans. Most of the well-known online fax providers either offer a free plan to test the features or a paid plan with a free trial. So, when your shortlist is ready and you find the decision-making to be really hard, give these select faxing providers a try and focus on the interface and designs.

Other things to consider when choosing best online fax service for small businesses:

Electronic signature, adding more than one number to your corporate plan, mobile applications (Android and iOS), scheduled delivery, 24/7 support, allowing multiple file types to be sent as a fax, security, and cloud storage.

Now that you know about your expectations from internet fax providers, it’s time to choose the best online fax service for small businesses.

If I were to choose the best online faxing for business, I would go with Fax.Plus, as it offers everything you should expect from online fax services, and the user-friendly interface enables you to easily send and receive faxes from your PC or your mobile device.

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