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Say Hello to An Eco-Friendly and Green Workplace With Online Faxing

Save the planet by replacing your old fax machine with an online fax service. The less paper and energy you waste, the greener and more eco-friendly your workplace will become. Do you want your business to reduce its paper consumption? To cause minimal or no harm to the environment? To avoid using unnecessary materials? And be more productive? You can have a green workplace with online faxing, you just need to take a few small steps and after a while, you will see the big impacts on the behavior of your company's employees when it comes to wasting paper and energy.

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How can online faxing help your company become greener and more eco-friendly? Let's review a few benefits of online faxing compared to traditional fax machines with regards to being a green and eco-friendly company:

You get to choose what to print. On traditional fax machines, you have no control over printing or not your received documents. No matter if you have received a partially-sent page, a blank page, a spam, or even a wrong fax, your fax machine automatically prints them all. But, with an online faxing service, you decide what to print and what not to. You can easily ignore and delete spam faxes, and archive the important files for future references. And don't forget that there is no ink or toner involved in online faxing.

Print double-sided. Say you have an important document to print. With your fax machines, you need to print on just one side of the paper and waste the other side. But with the online faxing solution, you can easily set up the printer and enable the print double-sided option.

Reduction in commuting time. Remember the advantages of online fax services? You get to easily access all your sent and received faxes in one place, which means you don't need to rush to your office to pick up an important document since all your files are available in the secure cloud storage. You, also, no longer need to look for places to buy paper, ink, and toner. Just imagine the gallons of gas you just save by optimizing your commuting time.

As you can see, doing a small change in your company can lead to a much more environmentally-friendly company. In order to have a greener workplace with online faxing, you just need to say goodbye to your old fax machine, subscribe to an online fax service, and answer all your faxing needs with this productive, cloud-based solution.