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New Updates for Sign.Plus: What's New?

Alohi Team
February 8, 2024
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At Sign.Plus, we're on a mission to simplify document-related tasks and superc

harge your work efficiency. We’re thrilled to announce a series of exciting updates and enhancements to our platform as our commitment to consistent improvement. These changes are cree to elevate your experience with Sign.Plus, equipping you with tools for digital signatures and online document management. So, let's dive right in to explore what's new and discover how these enhancements will empower you in your daily workflow.

What’s New in Sign.Plus?

Let's dive into the new features and enhancements that Sign.Plus has recently improved and also unveiled. These additions have been engineered to enhance  your Sign.Plus experience, simplify your document management processes, and provide you with more flexibility and convenience. Let's find out how these updates can truly transform your document workflows with Sign.Plus.

New Product Identity

We are delighted to introduce a fresh product identity for Sign.Plus that underscores our commitment to facilitating seamless work flows. We are transitioning away from the ‘SIGN.PLUS’ nomenclature moving forward. The new visual identity aligns with our overarching brand concept, “flow.”

The new identifier for Sign.Plus carries its own metaphor, harmonizing with the distinct purposes of our other products, Fax.Plus and Scan.Plus, through the strategic use of color, dimension, and movement, resulting in fluid, flow-like moments that facilitate a strong visual connection among all our products. This approach is empathetic to our users' desire for a unified experience among all of our products. Learn more in our Rebranding Announcement.

sign.plus new product branding identity

Launch of Scan.Plus Integration

Our new advanced scanning solution is finally here! With cutting-edge AI technology, Scan.Plus transforms your mobile device into a high-performance scanning tool. The integration guarantees clear, precise scans for both text and images, ensuring convenience without compromising on quality all while enabling users to seamlessly transition between scanning and signing processes. It's privacy-focused and compliant with strict standards, prioritizing your document security. Available on multiple platforms, Scan.Plus offers flexibility to simplify your scanning tasks. Check out Scan.Plus now for a seamless scanning experience!

scan.plus new product branding integration

Recipient Verification

The new Recipient Verification feature is crucial to ensure the secure and verified identity of document recipients. When activated by the Sender, this feature mandates that Recipients pass a verification step before gaining access to view or sign a document. We offer two robust verification methods to choose from: the Passcode option, where the Sender assigns a code to be shared with the Recipient separately, and the SMS code option, where the Sender enters the Recipient’s phone number, and the Recipient receives an SMS containing a code that they must input for authentication. This additional layer of security enhances the overall integrity of the signing process, safeguarding sensitive documents and ensuring peace of mind.

recipient verification sign.plus

Enhanced Date Annotation Field

We’re pleased to introduce an updated version of our annotation field for adding dates when signing documents. Sign.Plus now provides recipients with the option to select a date directly from a date picker. This new functionality adds a layer of convenience and precision to document management, moving beyond the previous limitation where the date annotation was automatically set to display the date of signature upon completion by the recipient. With this upgrade, users can now actively choose specific dates within documents, offering greater flexibility and control over agreements and transactions. This improvement is aimed at facilitating smoother and more accurate document workflows.

data annotation field

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enhanced security and streamline access with Single Sign-On, ensuring a seamless login experience. SSO streamlines access to platforms and enhances security by eliminating the need for separate login credentials, simplifying the user experience and improving overall productivity.

Office Integration

Sign.Plus integration with Microsoft is available for free to all users and allows them to sign Word documents with ease. Use the Sign.Plus Word add-in to sign a Word document, send for signature, or save a Word document as a reusable template. Get it now!

Bulk Send

Efficiency is at the core of our bulk send feature, allowing you to effortlessly send a document to multiple recipients simultaneously, ultimately saving you precious time and streamlining your workflow. For instance, you have the convenience of uploading your list of recipients via CSV, simplifying the process further.

The applications for bulk send are vast and diverse, particularly beneficial for organizations seeking to optimize their operations. Whether you're distributing important company-wide announcements, sending out contracts to multiple clients, or sharing reports with various team members, bulk send not only saves time but also reduces costs associated with individual document transmissions. It's a powerful tool that empowers organizations to maintain effective communication and collaboration while enhancing overall productivity.

Enhanced File Upload Options

We understand the importance of seamless document management in today's fast-paced digital landscape. That's why we've introduced a highly convenient feature – the ability to upload files directly from your preferred cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box accounts. This not only saves you valuable time but also ensures that your document management remains organized and efficient.

enhance file upload options

Zapier Integration

Available to subscribers of the Business plans and higher, Sign.Plus now offers seamless integration with thousands of popular apps through the new Zapier integration. This empowers users to automate workflows and enhance productivity across a wider array of applications. Learn more.

zapier integration sign.plus

Resend Reminders

With the ability to manually resend signing reminders to your recipients, users can now have the assurance that essential documents won't slip through the cracks, allowing for smoother and more efficient document handling. By enabling users to take control of their document workflows, delays can be minimized, and users can rest assured that their documents will be signed and executed in a timely manner, ultimately contributing to more seamless and effective document management.

Improvements on Signature Framing

The improvements on signature framing in Sign.Plus now offer our users greater flexibility and control over their signature appearance. Now, users and guests can choose whether to retain or remove the frame when defining their signatures. This enhancement allows users to customize their signatures according to their preferences, providing a more personalized and adaptable signature experience.

UX Improvements on Annotation Fields

We've introduced a suite of UX enhancements for our annotation fields to streamline the signature process. Key updates include keyboard shortcuts for efficiency, synchronized formats for text and date annotations, allowing users to maintain their preferred annotation size, and multi-select options for easy rearrangement. We also added automatic alignment for new fields and a new hover effect for a more intuitive interaction. These improvements are designed to simplify document management, making the experience smoother and more user-friendly.

Looking Ahead to Our Exciting Future

These new updates have transformed user suggestions into valuable features, aligning with our mission of simplifying the daily tasks of our subscribers and ensuring that Sign.Plus makes work flow seamlessly. With these comprehensive updates, our aim is to streamline file uploads and improve document handling efficiency, simplify user access, and enhance productivity. All of these improvements align seamlessly with our commitment to providing a professional touch in our users' daily communications. Sign.Plus is dedicated to offering an exceptional document management experience, and we encourage you to explore these enhancements and take full advantage of the improved features and refinements. Your trust and feedback are the driving force behind our continuous improvement and innovation.

Ready to experience Sign.Plus?

Get started today and discover how these updates can simplify your document management and communication needs.

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